About us

OILEX is a regional Egyptian Soybeans crusher with more than 15 years of commitment to the feed industry. OILEX plant is located in Sadat City in Egypt, mid way between Egyptian Mediterranean ports and the Delta area Producing consistent high quality Soybean Meal 44% protein, Soybeans Meal 48% protein and pure crude and degummed soybean oil.

OILEX is a quality oriented company that focuses on delivering highest quality products and logistics that covers Egypt North to south.

Although OILEX started operations during year 2011, we rapidly held and maintained 10% of the local market with an ongoing setup and operation to increase this share to 27% by beginning of 2013.

Our Vision

OILEX also values and understand that success is a direct result from our dedication and commitment employees. We at OILEX values our employees, provide a safe and friendly environment, and make sure to let every employee work in a supportive yet challenging environment as well as develop skills and knowledge.

Our Management